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Harsh Shah, DMD

Does the needle hurt a lot?

No one likes shots, but we make the process much easier by taking a little extra time and care with each of our patients.

Delivering anesthetic is all about the technique! Dr. Shah is has mastered the technique over the years because he knows that patient comfort is essential to people getting the dental care they need. 

We can use a topical gel prior to delivering the anesthetic in order to make it the least painful process possible. What you feel is a slight pinch and a lot of wiggling. He does a great job of distracting you and makes the experience a lot more tolerable.

Don’t let the fear of a shot keep you from the dental care you need! If you are fearful about your dental appointment or you have difficulty getting numb, just let us know. We are happy to accommodate our anxious patients. 

By seeking preventive dentistry and early treatment for conditions, you can often avoid problems altogether. We always make sure our patients are numb before starting treatment and make each procedure as comfortable as possible. Gentle dentistry is our goal!

Contact us if you have are in need of dental work so we can help you have a positive, comfortable experience every time!

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