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Harsh Shah, DMD

Are dental x-rays safe?

Many of our patients are extremely health conscious and want the best care for themselves and their families. If you are wondering about the safety of dental x-rays, you are not alone.

At Ringwood Family Dental, we use digital dental x-rays to diagnose dental conditions. Even before the age of digital x-rays, dental x-rays were among the lowest in radiation. With the implementation of digital technology, the amount of radiation emitted dropped by 80-90 percent over traditional dental x-rays, making them extraordinarily safe.

Because of the generally low cost and the increased safety of digital dental x-rays, they are a great investment in your smile. We use them to diagnose conditions that are not visible with the naked eye alone. We can see decay, bone loss, and even certain types of cysts and tumors using digital dental x-rays.

We only take the x-rays necessary to monitor your health. We take bitewing x-rays approximately once a year and full mouth x-rays (which show the roots of your teeth and your periodontal bone levels) about every 3 to 5 years.

Of course, everyone is different! If you have a lot of dentistry or a history of decay, we may recommend more frequent x-rays in order to help you stay healthy.

X-rays allow us to diagnose conditions when they are small and easier to treat. By the time a tooth hurts, it may be too late!

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